I feel like Brett Favre. I retire. I come back. I retire. I come back. No more. Iím ďarticled out.Ē I donít really enjoy it anymore, so itís obviously time to quit. Itís actually been time to quit for a long time. Iíve simply been putting off the inevitable.


Iíll spare you all the rhetoric here. Please read the article I wrote on 8-7-08 when I ďretired foreverĒ then. No need to be verbose.  


Thanks for following my website since I wrote my very first Sports Junkie article on 8-9-01. I greatly appreciate all of your e-mails down through the years, be they pro or con regarding my opinions and writings.


One final tribute to Jackie and Rachel Robinson. They mean so much to me, and always have. That is obviously apparent on my website on its home page and in various articles Iíve written about them and the Jackie Robinson Foundation.


Although there will be no more articles, my Sports Junkie website and all of its writings will remain accessible to all of you who are interested.



Irv Lippel